Gallery of sculptures

“Kaptan Misin Breg” is a well known for its natural beauty and unforgettable view of the magnificent natural pearl – the Djerdap gorge (“The Iron Gate”), but also by its widely known gallery “Man, Wood, Water” under the open sky. This authentic gallery, is a collection of sculptures made of wood and stone. Zivorad Stefanovic, the author, was inspired by wooden boats, and the water power of the Danube, but also by the well-known Captain Misa Anastasijevic, the greatest philantropist from this area.

By making his sculptures, he finds inspiration in carved sculptures from round sandstone cobbles found on the river banks. The sculptures can be separated in two distinct categories, one with simple geometric patterns and the other representing humanoid figures. All of these figural sculptures were modelled in a naturalistic and strongly expressionistic manner. Only the heads and faces of human figures were modelled realistically, with strong brow arches, an elongated nose, and a wide, fish-like mouth, represents one of Europe’s oldest civilizations. In its artistic expression, trying to prove unbreakable natural link fish-like man – Lepenac and fauna, as a special condition for the survival of mankind.

The author ennobles the wooden objects and then returns them to nature so they can continue their life through individual experiences of the numerous visitors from all over the world.

The gallery “Man, Wood, Water” occupies approximately 700m2 of area, and its unique works of art are permanent exhibition of the complex.